We are your business partner in China.

 We assist you with product sourcing, 

plan for your product development

and we do factory audit on your behalf.


Have you experienced issues with shipments from your Chinese supplier?

Consultant service for market research 

in specific areas.


Delayed shipments or units with low quality? 

We have a wide network in Mainland China.

We assist Nordic brands to enter the Chinese market. Support to set up both marketing and entry strategies.

 You might be experienced from your expansion to other European countries. 

China is Different in many ways.

Are you interested in distribution in China?

Loading inspection
We provide you with container loading inspection service. Do you want to make sure your supplier delivery the same item as you expect? We are your partner and we make sure the loading is correct and provide you with a loading report after accomplished mission.
We sit down together with your supplier and negotiate before you place your order. We visit them on your behalf. The result will be increased understanding for your business, and they will agree with a more beneficial agreement compared to online.
We guide you through the tough manufacturing jungle. Support from the drawing board until delivery.
We will be your eyes in the production line and assure the quality before shipment. Each item will be inspected one by one. The quality assurance we provide is highly appreciated by our current customers.
We make sure the items you search for match your requirements. We design and produce your new retail package.
Our swedish management has over 7 years experience from work with production in China. In most areas we have partners that we trust. When you trust us, we will make sure to delivery over your expectations.
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We are a strong and competitive team of consultants lead under Swedish management. Together with the expertise of the Chinese engineerings we are able to assist you in many areas.

Tap on the the images to read more about our areas. 

—  James Eagle, Purchase manager

“Catsson International Group provided us with valuable details before our order.  

The quality assurance was a new experience we never had before. Look forward to our next sourcing job together.  ” 

—  Jennifer hallford,

Purchase assistace

Great communication during the whole process. Gave us the option to choose between the recommended suppliers. Improved the material used in one of our items, highly appreciated! 

—  Stan Green, Founder and CEO

“The factory audit was made according to our request. Informative report that confirmed the reliability of our new partner in China” 

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Robin - Sales
Kim - Sales
Sheryl - Quality
Vicky - Sourcing
Neo - Sourcing
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