Sweden accounted for over 3% of imports to China. Considering that the Chinese economy is worth 11.2 trillion with an annual growth rate of 6.7%USD, this is a market opportunity for Nordic businesses in the billions of dollars. 


If you are overwhelmed by the information and expertise required to import to this ever-growing market, we're here to help. As your business partner inside China, we focus on imports for you. We handle all your domestic needs and processes, including Customs clearance and local regulatory compliance.  

Global Imports to China (2016)

Customs Clearance
We oversee the proper clearance of your goods from the port.
Regulatory Compliance
We ensure that all imported goods are in compliance with local regulations
We manage the safe and secure transportation of your goods from the port to your delivery point
We can help procure freight and trucking insurance plans to protect your valuable shipments
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We specialize in a number of areas that can streamline your import processes locally. We handle everything from Customs clearance to regulatory compliance. Click on a specific service to find out more...

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Robin - Sales
Kim - Sales
Sheryl - Quality
Vicky - Sourcing
Neo - Sourcing
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—  Stan Green, Founder and CEO

“The factory audit was made according to our request. Informative report that confirmed the reliability of our new partner in China” 

—  Jennifer hallford,

Purchase assistace

Great communication during the whole process. Gave us the option to choose between the recommended suppliers. Improved the material used in one of our items, highly appreciated! 

—  James Eagle, Purchase manager

“Catsson International Group provided us with valuable details before our order.  

The quality assurance was a new experience we never had before. Look forward to our next sourcing job together.  ” 

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We can help procure freight and trucking insurance plans to protect your valuable shipments